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JOY Tea Towel Tutorial

JOY Fused-Applique Tea Towel Tutorial

Supplies needed:

  1. Blank tea or kitchen towel
  2. Fabric Scraps:
    1. Bright Red(letters, bow):  6” x 9”
    2. Tan Print (wreath):  4” x 4”
    3. Dark Green (leaves): 3” x 3”
    4. Dark Red (berries):  2” x 2”
  3. Fusible web* (I used Print ‘n Fuse to avoid tracing the designs)


Begin by pressing the tea towel and fabrics to ensure all wrinkles have been removed.  If using fusible, race or print the reversed templates (page 3) onto the fusible web you’ve chosen.  Following the manufacturer’s directions, press the fusible to the WRONG side of your fabrics.  Cut each applique piece along the lines and set aside the bow, leaves and berries.

Position the “J”, wreath and “Y” near the bottom of the towel.  When you’re pleased with the layout, press/fuse the pieces to the towel, then sew along each raw edge using your favorite stitch (I used a satin stitch, but an applique or button-hole stitch would be pretty as well).


 *NOTE:  If you prefer to hand applique the motifs, unreversed templates are provide on Page 4.

Next, position the bow along the bottom of the wreath.  Position the holly leaves at the top.  When you’re happy with the positioning of all, press/fuse and sew down.


(Oops – I took the picture before I applied the bow!)

Finally, position the three berries on top of the holly leaves, press/fuse and stitch.

Want to see the back?  I used a very narrow, short stitch zig-zag stitch to create a “satin” stitch.  It’s not perfect but it’s not bad:

Voila!  You have completed a pretty little tea towel that will make a lovely hostess gift for someone special this season!

And just to make it easy, you can print out this tutorial that includes the applique templates.  Joy to you and yours!