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Designers and More

Dr. Reeze Hanson is a prolific pattern designer:  She not only designs gorgeous patterns, she also teaches EQ8 and creates some of our most favorite Block of the Month (BOM) programs.  And she's just plain fun to be around.

Cara Gulati is another favorite designer of ours:  Her creations are reflective of her unique personality!  She's also just fun to hang out with.

Chris Hoover of Whirligig Designs is another favorite of ours, especially for unique Block of the Month designs.

Julie Hermann of Jaybird Quilts creates some of the most unique, contemporary designs ever.

Margaret Travis is quickly becoming a favorite designer of ours.  Her pattern instructions are among the best we've seen, and she comes up with the CUTEST stuff ever -- great little giftie things you can make quickly.  Check out her designs at

Judy Laquidara has written some great books, including "Weekend Quilts" and "60 Pieced Quilt Borders".  We love how she breaks down steps into do-able pieces for everyone.  She is also a prolific blogger and it's fun to keep up with her life in Missouri here:

Sam Hunter creates the most intriguing "modern" quilts!  See all her work at Hunter's Design Studio, and be sure and check out what she offers in the way of classes (below).   We offer many of her patterns in hard-copy format.

Instructors and Program Presenters

Is your guild looking for class instructors and program presenters?  We highly recommend those individuals shown here!

CARA GULATI:  Offers classes, trunk shows and lectures.  Let Cara take you on a fantasy-filled trip with her unique methods that help you create imaginative yet realistic works of art.  Cara's classes are suitable for all skill levels and you're guaranteed to have fun!

KATHI EUBANK:  Currently a certified NACQJ judge,  Kathi has been working judging rooms for over 15 years.  She offers presentations and classes on what judges look for in quilt show entries.  She is also available for quil show judging - click on her name for more information.

REEZE HANSON:  A prolific quilter and designer, Reeze retired from her "day job" as Professor Hanson, teaching Communications and Public Speaking and hit the road full-time with lectures and classes for quilt guilds and shows.  She's been teaching Electric Quilt classes since the first version of EQ came out.  She gives excellent instruction on mastering EQ7, various piecing and applique techniques, color and value and many others.  She also has terrific trunk shows that pretty much run the gamut of the history of quilting.

SAM HUNTER:  Lover of orange,  creator of fun modern quilt patterns and the voice behind "WE ARE SEW WORTH IT", Sam will entertain and enlighten your guild in the subject of your choosing.  We highly recommend that you book her for "We Are Sew Worth It" - it's time we all united and took credit for the work we do instead of modestly short-changing our creations.  Sam offers resources on her website to help us all understand our own worth as well as help others understand why WE ARE SEW WORTH IT.

Professional Longarm Quilting

Our favorite award-winning long arm quilter is Diane Anderson of CABINQUILTER.COM.  She does some of the most amazing, eye-catching quilting we've seen!

Quilters Retreat Centers

You just can't beat a gathering of quilter's on the Texas Gulf Coast, if you ask us, and our favorite place to go is The Retreat House in Rockport, Texas.  Tell Darleena that Connect The Blocks sent you!

For a beautiful, serene retreat center just north of Houston, Texas:  Tell Stacy that Connect The Blocks sent you!

In Central Texas, you simply cannot beat the Compass Centre for retreats.  

If you prefer something with hills and amazing sunrises/sunsets, try the historic Sky-Vue Lodge in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas.  Glenn & Janice will create a very special retreat event for you, feed you like family, and make you feel like you've finally found home.

Quilt Shops We Love

When you're retreating in Rockport, Texas, you won't want to miss Sew By the Bay quilt shop!  

One of our favorite quilt shops just happens to be in Texas, quite near Quilter's Cabin Retreat:  If you're in the area, stop in and tell Deb and Mandy HI!  Be sure and bring a hankie or something to wipe up all the drool over their outstanding selections.

"How-To" Videos and Tutorials

Have you seen Debra Gabel's famous "Raw Edge Applique the Easy Way"?  This video walks you through her inspiring process.