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Science Fair

Manufacturer #: JBQ 129

Another great pattern from Jaybird Quilts, "Science Fair" is a complicated-looking quilt that is really easy to construct.


Tasty Table Runner Pattern

UPC: 9781937193164
Manufacturer #: JBQ 126

Don't you love this "Tasty" Table Runner from Jaybird Quilts?



Manufacturer #: JBQ 128

Brand new from Jaybird Quilts! "Lotus" is a fantastic pattern for showing off those larger scale prints that are just too pretty to cut.


Night Sky Quilt Pattern

UPC: 12010222
Manufacturer #: JBQ 137

You'll love this new pattern from Jaybird Quilts - bright, cheery and NO "Y" SEAMS!


Rock Candy Table Topper Pattern

Manufacturer #: JBQ135

Rock Candy! Use Jaybird Quilts' new pattern to create this hexagon-shaped table topper.


Sidekick Ruler

Manufacturer #: JBQ202

We love the latest ruler from Jaybird Quilts!


Kaufman Artisan Batiks

Only one left! Beautiful reds and blues in this 2.5" roll of 40 strips from Robert Kaufman Artisan Batiks has almost a patriotic feel to it. Pair it with our metallic sunburst and Fast Forward pattern from Jaybird Quilts for a winning combination!



Bet you can't resist the pull of this sweet taffy! Star blocks stretch across this lite, lively and very tasty quilt in this pattern from Jaybird Quilts.


Seaside Table Runner

One of Jaybird Quilts latest creations is the Seaside Table Runner - part of her new "little patterns" line. And guess what? It's made completely from diamonds!

$6.25 - $22.85