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Press Perfect Iron Finger

Press Perfect Iron Finger

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We love our new "Iron Finger" pressing tool!  I'm usually very skeptical when I come across a new tool, especially when something looks like it might be similar to a tool I already have.

However, when I actually received this Press Perfect "Iron Finger" from Clover, I was surprised at how big it is!  It's 9.25" long and has some heft to it.  Made of a heat resistant rubber-type material, I've learned this tool is actually indispensable.

It's very handy for turning seams, pressing out corners, and especially useful for pressing open those 1/4" quilt seams - something I avoid as much as possible, but some patterns call for this pressing technique and really work much better when the seams are pressed open.  (Our "Sparkling Gems" block of the month has lots of open seams, for example.)  You can flatten seams with the spatula-shaped end, and you can roll the round handle on seams to "finger press" them with ease.